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A Project to Educate and Empower Yoga Students About the Benefits, Truths & Myths Regarding Hot Yoga Classes

Have you ever had this experience in class...?   You feel the need to fan your face, or touch your forehead, or the need to sip some water more than once, to take child's pose to rest, or worse yet, felt confused, dizzy or simply light-headed?  These are signs that you are trying to get it together, because something isn't right.  These are symptoms that your body is being overstressed by heat.

We love to sweat, too, make no mistake, sweating suggest effort, and we all know effort is necessary for this practice.  We also know from medical science, that we do not sweat out toxins.  Sweat is mostly water and things your body needs like sodium, calcium, electrolites, etc.  This water, or sweat, is pulled from your bloodstream, and from your lymph, brain fluids and joints. Sweat is vital fluid. Sweating is a sign that your body is hot and trying to cool itself. Oversweating is a sign that you are too hot, and your body is trying very hard to cool down, desperate to find balance.  This state is also highly aggravating to your nervous system, not to mention depleting to your internal detox organs, your liver & kidneys that rely on internal hydration to operate at their best.  Have you ever left a hot yoga class and still felt stressed, wired or is your anxiety level during your day still too high, or your sleep not sound?  There are deeper states of calm available within a challenging, moderately heated vinyasa class with longer lasting effects.

If you offer heated yoga classes, it is your responsibility to know the signs and symptoms of heat illness and monitor the heat level of your classroom and more importantly, recognizing these symptoms in your students.   Students, is also up to you to choose a classroom environment and a teacher that allows you to work at your optimum, rather than simply your maximum.

lymph, brain fluids & joints.
lymph, brain fluids & joints.
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