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Support from the yoga community:

"For years, the popularity of hot yoga has been a mystery to me. Although I have had my concerns about the long-term effects of strenuous exercise in heated rooms, I was never aware of any science to question the claims many hot studios espoused, until now...

HotYogaScience.org is a breath of fresh air (pun intended). In a very clear and impartial way, the creators of this site have put together an impressive list of resources and credentials to show clearly what the pluses and minuses are for heated room yoga, and in an unbiased way, give the reader an opportunity to decide whether the hot environment is suitable for their lifelong yoga practice.

In many ways, this site reminds me of Manduka’s early beginnings, with an idea (thick, black, heavy and durable mat) that was so different than the popular trend (thin, pastel colored, lightweight, and flimsy mat) yet an idea whose time had come. I feel HotYogaScience.org is the beginning a very welcome idea that will benefit all who visit it."

Peter Sterios eRYT 500

Creator of Manduka Mats